International Brewing & Cider Awards

The International Brewing and Cider Awards is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the brewing industry.
Often dubbed the Oscars of the Brewing Industry’, it’s been going since 1886 – and this year, MF Refrigeration are proud to be supplying the beer coolers for the big event.

On the day, hundreds of breweries from around the world will come together to celebrate the industry and the beers and ciders that we all love to enjoy. With broad categories and 34 classes. there is a place for every beer. All of the categories are scored on consumer experience and each of the judges are practicing brewers.

Categories Include:

1.Small pack Beer Competition/International Ale Competition
2.Small pack Beer Competition/International Lager Competition
3. Small pack, Keg & Cask Competition/International Dark Beer Competition
4. Small pack, Keg & Cask Competition/International Non & Low Alcohol Beer Competition
5.Small pack, Keg & Cask Competition/International Strong Beer Competition
6.Small pack, Keg & Cask Competition/International Speciality Beer Competition
7.International Cider Competition Category 1- for Cider Apple Class 3.5 – 7.5°/o ABV
8. International Cider Competition Category 2 – for Open Apple Class Cider 3.5 -7.5°/o ABV
9. International Cider Competition Category 3 for Flavoured Cider Class 3.5 – 7.5%ABV
10. International Cider Competition Category 4 for Low-Alcohol Cider Class 1.2 -3.5%ABV
11. International Cider Competition Category 5 for Speciality Cider Class or Perry Class 1.2 – 8.5°0 ABV
12. Draught Beer International Keg Lager Competition
13.Draught Beer the International keg Ale competition
14. Draught Beer International Cask Ale Competition the Importance of Beer Coolers

As all of the beers are sampled and judged at the event, the dispensing of beverages is of the utmost importance to the integrity of the event.

“A large variety of equipment is necessary to ensure the correct storage and dispense for each of the entry categories. The Organising Committee of the International Brewing Awards express their sincere appreciation to the technical sponsors who provide the quality review equipment and support to make this event so technically proficient. From the large and obvious cooling systems and cabinets, to the dispense gases, python tubing, taps, connectors and other fittings, all are essential for the smooth and efficient running of the judging.”


For the event itself, MF will be provided 17 Remote Air-Cooled R290 Evo Coolers.