Cooling Solutions for Draught Vending Machines


MF Refrigeration have been commissioned to design, develop, manufacture and supply chiller modules for draught vending machines for leading global brands.

All out vending products are of top quality and go through rigorous design and testing to make sure each product is perfect for the role they were designed for.

We make sure to take the necessary amount of time to design, develop, and manufacture our vending products to make sure they are in time to be expertly installed into the environments they are requested for.

Our vending products have been used by many well-known brands, some including global reaches.

All our products are designed to keep at the desired temperatures necessary for preserving the products are sold inside of them and are tested to make sure they stay at those temperatures consistently.

We guarantee that every product on our vending line will satisfy any specification required and will provide a hassle-free ordering and installation process.

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