Remote Polar Clean

Polar Clean Coolers: Tube-in-Tube Technology

Our new range of Polar Clean Coolers use tube-in-tube technology. This has been developed in collaboration with John Guest to radically improve the consistency of drinks temperature during delivery.

A traditional beer python has a single chilled water re-circulation line that controls up to 8 different beer lines. However, some beer lines do not necessarily need to be as cold as the others which means that maintaining a consistent drink delivery temperature can be challenging.

To combat this, at MF Refrigeration we have developed tube-in-tube technology to offer each individual beer line with its own chilled water re­ circulation line. Therefore, we are now far better equipped to regulate and control drinks temperatures to best suit individual beverages accordingly.

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Remove Evo Cooler

New Product: Evo Remote Cooler

Our new Evo Remote Cooler has been re-engineered to include all new features and benefits.

New features and benefits include:

– R290 refrigeration system with compressor sizes from 14cc to 16cc
– New electrics box
– EC fan motors
– Energy-efficient pump options
– New water-cooled glycol bottle
– Brushed silver casework

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Modular Cooling Platform

Our patented Modular Cooling Platform has been designed to facilitate one-man installation and to allow for flexible configuration between water-cooled and air-cooled refrigeration systems.

Each element of the system has a gross weight of less than 25Kg, consisting of:

– Refrigeration Deck (water-cooled or air-cooled)
– Base Module
– Tank Module
– Lid & Coil Pack

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